Huntington, Bollier, Bruchman and Wolf prevail in local statehouse elections

Sen. Terrie Huntington (left) and Rep. Barbara Bollier watched the election results come in at a suite in the Overland Park Marriott. Both held onto their seats in yesterday's vote.

The wave of Republican voting that swept across America yesterday passed over northeast Johnson County and lifted local GOP candidates to victory.

Republicans Terrie Huntington, Barbara Bollier, Kay Wolf and Rob Bruchman handily defeated their challengers. None finished with less than 60 percent of the vote.

Bruchman is the only first-time office holder of the group. He defeated Rob McKnight, who ran as a Democrat in the District 20 house race.

The final voting tallies were as follows:

Senate District 7:

Terrie Huntington (R): 15,841 – 62 percent

Wayne Hodges (D): 9,646 – 38 percent

House District 25:

Barbara Bollier (R): 5,369 – 61 percent

Shana Althouse (D): 3,364 – 39 percent

House District 21:

Kay Wolf (R): 6,860 – 80 percent

Robert McElwain (L): 1,717 – 20 percent

House District 20:

Rob Bruchman (R): 5,832 – 62 percent

Rob McKnight (D): 3,578 – 38 percent