Check out the site plans for UMB at former Roney’s location

Roney’s, as we reported last week, is but a pile of rubble. And though construction on the UMB location scheduled to be put up on the site likely won’t begin for some time, we do have a decent idea of what the building will end up looking like.

Here are a couple of shots of the initial schematic submitted by UMB to the Prairie Village planning commission, which approved the project this spring:

View of building looking north. Mission Road is to the right of the building.
View of building looking south. Mission Road is to the left.
UMB site plan

It should be noted that the city is requiring UMB to move the building back from the intersection of Mission Road and Tomahawk Road to ensure that the structure isn’t on a flood plain. Take a look at the updated site plan map by clicking on the thumbnail on the right. The landscaping plans now call for the inclusion of rain gardens in the flood plain area.

The city has not received the final project plans from UMB, nor has it received a building permit.

Assistant city manager Dennis Enslinger said it generally takes two weeks for the city to approve a building permit before construction on a structure can begin.