Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest 2010: a fall entry

We had just about closed the books on block parties for 2010 when we got a surprising, if very welcome, message from a Prairie Villager last week. It turns out that if it’s Halloween weekend, it’s block party time on El Monte Street.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of things. I mean, block parties = summer, no? But my skepticism was quickly assuaged.

A keg of Gordon Biersch? A chili contest? Bean bags? Costumed kids and a moonwalk? That’s just a solid showing from start to finish. So we’ve decided to create a special competition for fall block parties…and El Monte wins in every category! Congrats! And see you next year!

Madeline Watkins (Minnie Mouse) and Molly McInerney (Snow White), both 2, make each other's acquaintance before heading into the Moonwalk. Jenni Watkins and Brian McInerney facilitate things.