Costumed cuteness descends on Prairie Village

Catherine Carr (the sheep) from Leawood and Julianna Bladl (the butterfly/princess) from Prairie Village took a break from Trick or Treating for a photo opportunity.

It’s hard to categorize the congregation of dozens of toddlers in furry animal costumes as “spooky,” but we somehow doubt Halloween purists would protest.

The Village Shops’ annual Trick-or-Treat festivities brought hundreds of parents and candy-craving kids out yesterday afternoon, with a slow procession of people extending practically all the way around the shops. There were tons of great costumes on display, but a special shout out goes to the Manning family for the team effort that went into their re-creation of the cast of Scooby Doo:

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Twins Payton (awake) and Addison (asleep) Schroeppel, 9 months, somehow failed to inspire arachnophobia in the author.
Brothers Owen (the skeleton) and Cole (the werewolf) Walburn got some loot outside Mr. Goodcents.