The best — and most frightening — of local Halloween decorations

Halloween has become something of a warm-up for local holiday decoration enthusiasts as they prepare for that Superbowl of lawn ornamentation called Christmas. So we thought we’d do a quick rundown of the best, and most frighteningly executed, of Halloween decorating.

Personally, we’re partial to the concepts that pay true homage to the spirit of the holiday. This house on Cherokee Drive gets high marks for its faithfulness to the spooky sentiment of the season:

Ditto this yard in Leawood. Creative. Creepy. A solid effort:

Inflatable yard sculpture has been experiencing a boom here for what seems like a decade. Even though what you see put out for Halloween is almost pitiful compared to the virtual North Poles that people put up in December, there’s still plenty of the stuff out:

And while we generally don’t make it our business to single people out for bad performance, we can’t help but point out that Falmouth Street resident Mike Babick has maybe the most underwhelming Halloween decorations in the entire area:

Where’s the seasonal spirit? I sure hope there’s a holiday that the Babicks can get a little more into…