Possible parole of notorious JoCo murder conspirator sparks protest from PV woman

Sueanne Hobson

Edward Hobson told the Kansas Parole Board earlier this week that he wants his wife Sueanne to come home after 28 years in prison.

But the prospect of having the woman who orchestrated the killing of her own 13-year-old stepson in 1980 as a neighbor isn’t sitting well with Prairie Village resident Ruth Brettle, 84.

Sueanne Hobson was convicted in 1982 of persuading two teens — her son James Crumm and his friend Paul Sorrentino — to kill Chris Hobson, Susanne’s stepson, in exchange for a new car and motorcycle repairs. Crumm and Sorrentino took Chris Hobson to a Miami County field, where he was forced to dig his own grave. Hobson, who is Edward’s son, was killed by shotgun blast.

Brettle told a court earlier this week she wouldn’t be comfortable living next to Sueanne Hobson. She has been denied parole eight times.

KC Star: Potential neighbor opposes release of woman who orchestrated murder