Fall colors begin to make their appearance

By the looks of things so far, it could be a banner year for fall foliage enthusiasts.

A spectrum of warm oranges and reds have started to appear on trees throughout the area, and the yellows are on their way, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s foliage update yesterday:

Fall colors are developing rapidly here. The reds of sumac, poison ivy and Virginia creeper are at or past peak this week in most areas. Green ash are almost peaking, if they still retain leaves. Dogwoods and white ash should be at peak by the end of this week. Many sugar maples are showing brilliant oranges. Yellows will really come on this week on honey locust, elm, redbud, hickories and hackberry. The recent rain may slightly prolong the color display, although change seems to be happening quickly.

Have a great pic of fall foliage in our area? Send it our way — we’ll publish the best shots on the site in the next couple of weeks as the colors peak.