In Star column, PV resident calls for support of pro-education candidates, questions Yoder

Eric Mikkelson

Prairie Village resident Eric Mikkelson wrote a guest column in today’s Kansas City Star calling for parents concerned about the proposed closure of area schools to support pro-education candidates this November.

Mikkelson singled out state Rep. Kevin Yoder, who is running for the District 3 congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Dennis Moore, as a candidate whose actions have taken away funding from local schools:

Rep. Kevin Yoder spent the last several years using his powerful post as the Kansas House Appropriations chairman to push through deep cuts to the public education budget. His proposals for cuts to schools routinely and significantly exceeded those proposed by both the Kansas Senate and the governor. Yoder succeeded in his crusade for deeper school cuts in recent years, in violation of the Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Supreme Court’s Montoy decision.

This year moderate Republicans joined Democrats in the House to rebel against Yoder and others by passing a temporary sales tax increase, avoiding the additional round of draconian cuts sought by Yoder. Despite this, the damage, manifested in the projected school budget deficits, has been done.

Instead of rewarding Yoder with a U.S. congressional seat, we should reward those moderate Republicans and Democrats at the state and federal levels who support public education in tough economic times.

Read the full story from the Star here.