Brookwood parents submit report, encourage board of education to reject Proposal 1

Hoping to keep the elementary school feeding into SM East, a group of Brookwood parents last week sent a 33-page document to each member of the Shawnee Mission board of education questioning the district’s justification for moving the school into the SM South attendance area.

Stating that “there is no compelling reason justifying the disruption of Brookwood’s proud 28-year affiliation with Shawnee Mission East,” the report dissects the projected attendance figures and purported scheduling benefits the district has pointed to as rationale for the move.

Representatives of the group plan to present parts of their report to the board at their regularly scheduled meetings prior to the Nov. 8 vote.

Steve Bledsoe, a parent who spoke at the community meeting on the proposal and who helped put the report together, said he hoped members of the board would give the report serious consideration.

“This is an important decision that is going to impact families,” Bledsoe said. “What’s been most frustrating about the situation so far is that, based on what we’ve seen, the district’s proposal has no solid footing in facts that would justify the move.”

You can download the report by clicking here.