PV police warning residents about TV, gaming system burglaries

A string of 14 burglaries over the past two months has prompted Prairie Village police to send out an automated warning to residents in the areas between 79th and 75th Streets east of Mission Road.

The phone message, sent Wednesday, tells residents that burglars have been kicking in the front doors of homes and stealing electronics, like flat-panel TVs and video game systems. Most of the burglaries have taken place in the afternoon and evening.

Capt. Tim Schwarzkopf of the Prairie Village Police Department said they aren’t sure yet of who the suspects in the case might be, but some witnesses have identified a maroon Buick and a white Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix as vehicles possibly related to the crimes. Police suggest that people keep valuable electronics in areas where they can’t be easily seen from the street, or that they keep their blinds drawn when they aren’t home.

Full text of the Code Red message is after the jump.

Code Red message for 09-29-2010.
This Code Red message from the Police Department is to inform you that there has been a high occurrence of residential burglaries in your neighborhood.  Entry into the residences has primarily been through the front door using force.  Property taken from the residences has mainly been flat screen TV’s and gaming systems.  Please take precautions so that TVs cannot be seen through open blinds.  Be aware of any suspicious vehicles or people in your area.  Please watch your neighbor’s houses as well as your own.  These burglaries have occurred when no one is home, primarily in the afternoon and evening hours.  Take steps to make your residence look occupied when you are not home.  Call the Police if you see anything suspicious in your area.  If you have any questions, contact your Crime Prevention Officer at 913-385-4613.