Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest: And the winners are…

The Pawnee Street block party.

Oh, man. What a summer. It seems like just moments ago that we were typing away a post encouraging people to invite us out to their block parties. And here we are three months later with a notepad full of block party memories.

  • Best beverage selection – 73rd Terrace. They had something called chocolate wine, which suggests a breadth of offerings that was tough to beat.
  • Best burger – Corinth Hills. So. It wasn’t a burger exactly. But the Zarda BBQ brisket sandwich was kind of like a burger. I mean, beef on a circular bun? That counts.
  • Best brat/hot dog – Not enough information. Surprisingly, hot dogs and brats didn’t seem to be common fare.
  • Best side dish – Pawnee Street put out a side dish spread that could not be topped.
  • Best yard game performance – 72nd Street wins here, just based on sheer quantity. Bocce ball, beanbags and capture the flag? Yes, please. (Honorable mention goes to the kids on Pawnee Street for their organized water balloon fight. I’m not sure if that’s technically a yard game, but it was pretty awesome.)
  • Best music – The block parties were relatively quiet, which demonstrated an admirable respect for the privacy of neighboring blocks, but didn’t provide a lot of fodder for judgment.
  • Best overall block party experience – Oh, man. This is tough. There was so much block party goodness. Honestly, there were at least three entries that could make a solid case for taking it home. I feel like the judges on Top Chef. Okay. Here we go. The winner is…

73RD TERRACE! In the end, I think it was the completeness of their block party package that put them over the top. They did the standard things well (had the fire truck come, had good decorations, etc…), but they threw in a couple of creative extras that really stood out. They started the day out with a bike rodeo for the kids, and then had photos of the event printed out and displayed at the night time party. They named a block party King and Queen. And…though at the time I couldn’t decide whether this was a plus or a minus since it kind of freaked me out…they had some eye-catching displays to promote the event:

So kudos, 73rd Terrace. And congrats to all our other winners. You can be sure that the Block Party Contest will be back next year — and maybe in 2011 we even have prizes to give out!