Seventh Fourth Fridays concert season closes with bluegrass, brisket

It was banjos, bass, fiddle and fun at Harmon Park last night as the Prairie Pocket Pickers closed out this summer’s Fourth Fridays Concert Series.

Nancy Sinovic Price of Hillcrest Covenant Church, which founded the event seven years ago, said the impetus for the event came from church member Dorie Brown, who wanted to put together a community event free of charge.

“The idea was to just do something that brought people from the area out, and its grown and grown over the years,” she sais.

The event was also sponsored by Hy-Vee at 91st and Metcalf, which donated the food and ran an on-site smoker, and Boy Scout troop 284.

Members of Hillcrest Covenant Church served hot dogs and brisket provided by Hy-Vee at the Fourth Fridays Concert.