Lost dog found: Peaches is home!

Gail Kantor with Peaches

Peaches the puppy is out of peril.

Fully three weeks after the dog scurried out of Chico’s in the Village Shops and across Mission Road, her owners, Gail and Norm Kantor of south Kansas City, Mo., found her in the bed of Brush Creek just west of Indian Hills Country Club.

“She’s such a big baby, I don’t know how she survived,” Gail said. “She was filthy and looks like she has some bug bites all over, but she seems to be in pretty good shape.”

The Kantors had all but given up hope that they would be reunited with Peaches when they got word from Fairway resident Beth Forbes two days ago that her son Andrew and his friend Ben Carlson had spotted a dog in the creekbed that looked a lot like the pictures in the fliers Gail had posted around the area. Gail spoke to an Animal Control officer from the Fairway Police Department, who told her to try taking her favorite food to the area where the boys had spotted the dog.

“He said they can smell their favorite food for miles and miles, so you’ve got to go down there with it and wave it around in the air and get it in the open,” Gail said. “I cooked her some chicken, because that’s a special treat.”

Yesterday, both Gail and Norm trekked down into the creekbed, climbing over slippery rocks (“We’re not young — he’s 78 and I’m 75 — so this was not an easy hike,” Gail said) until they reached the spot near the storm sewer that flows under the Village Shops where they boys said they’d seen the dog.

They opened up the chicken. Gail pulled out a squeaky toy and gave it a couple of squeezes. Norm whistled a familiar pattern. And then Gail saw a white flash out of the corner of her eye.

“I said, ‘Oh my God. That’s Peaches,” she said. “I called out and she came bounding across the rocks and into our laps. If we had been in a movie, it would have been hilarious.”

Peaches is now back at home and resting. Gail’s planning on taking her to the vet as soon as possible.

“We’re just so glad we got that tip from the man in Fairway, because I think smelling her food is really what got her to come out,” Gail said. “And we wouldn’t have known about where to look if it weren’t for those two boys.”