‘Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest’ 2010: Pawnee puts on impressive party

Much like the weather, the competition just keeps heating up.

The good people of Pawnee Street put on their seventh annual neighborhood get together this weekend — a soiree bound to score high marks in a number of our judging categories.

The unofficial theme seemed to be: water. There was the presence of the fire truck (pictured above). And then there was the inflatable water slide that one of the neighbors — in a bold display of dedication to block party merriment — bought, not rented (“For $200 at ALDI, I figured, why not?”):

The motif was punctuated by a water war that raged on amongst the neighborhood boys, fueled by several coolers full of pre-made water balloons:

So. Pretty solid stuff. Word on the street has it that the Corinth Hills Homes Association is throwing a neighborhood party at the Prairie Village pool this weekend…which means their theme is also likely to be water. But they might lose points for holding it off site.

Remember, if you and your neighbors are having a block party, shoot us an email at stories [at] shawneemissionpost.com, and we’ll come “observe.” And drink some of your beer.