‘Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest’ 2010: strong showings this weekend

Obviously we won’t be naming our final winners in the “Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest” until the block party season has come to an end. But I did want to report on some preliminary findings from this weekend — namely that the block parties were strong…to quite strong.

The people of 73rd Terrace, 73rd Street and 72nd Terrace all hosted neighborhood gatherings this weekend, and shawneemissionpost.com was there to crash take notes.

Just a few initial thoughts:

73rd Terrace put together a really solid program. In addition to hosting a bike rally for the kids in the morning, they also named a King, Queen and Princess of the block, and had a fire truck show up to spray down everyone down:

And 73rd Terrace would seem to be early leaders in the beverage selection category. I saw sangria, a pony keg of Bud Light, and sampled some “chocolate wine.”

Which is to say nothing against 73rd Street, whose gathering exuded an aura of neighborly good cheer that won’t be overlooked in final judging:

I wish I had more to report from 72nd Terrace, but by the time I got there, the party seemed to have moved indoors. I did notice some of the kids reinflating a moon walk they’d rented at 9:30 p.m., which seemed like evidence of a solid commitment to fun.

Block party organizing committee members: email us at stories [at] shawneemissionpost.com to let us know when you’re having your get together, and we’ll make sure to be there to document the event!