Judging begins today in ‘Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest’

We’ll be honest: we’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the response to the announcement of our “Great Prairie Villagian Block Party Contest.” In fact, applications for inclusion in the judging have been approximately eleventy-million percent below what we’d hoped. In that we’ve received none.

So. To jump start things we’re going to go ahead and show up uninvited to a li’l get together on 73rd Street today, where in addition to generous portions of German potato salad, we’ll be taking copious notes.

Just a reminder that these are our prize categories.

  • Best beverage selection
  • Best burger
  • Best brat/hot dog
  • Best side dish
  • Best yard game performance
  • Best music
  • Best overall block party experience

And, remember, if you’d like for us to show up and document your block party for posterity, shoot us an email at stories [at] shawneemissionpost.com.