Lost dog: Help find Peaches!

Peaches is mostly white with a bit of light brown, peach-colored fur around her ears and beard. She's about 1 year old.

Alright, PVPost People: it’s time to harness the power of the Interweb for good.

There’s a lost Cockapoo (half Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle) out there, and a good chance that she’s in our area. Her name is Peaches, and she was last seen on Friday near the intersection of Tomahawk Road and Mission Road sprinting frantically toward Mission Hills.

Peaches’ owners, Norm and Gail Kanter, live in south Kansas City, Mo., but Gail works at Chico’s in the Village. Peaches had been to the groomer on Friday morning and her collar hadn’t been tightened after the appointment, so when Gail took her to Chico’s to show her co-workers, she slipped out and ran out the door. As a result, she’s not wearing any tags.

“She’s a sweet thing, but she’s very skittish,” Norm said. “She’ll run away from just about anything.”

If you see Peaches, please call the Kanters at 816-943-4046, or the Prairie Village communications center at 913-642-6868 and ask for Animal Control.