Fairway police remind residents to stay alert over summer months

The Fairway Police Department is reminded residents to keep an eye out for scammers and thieves during the summer months, when pleasant weather can lead to people letting their guard down as scam artists, burglars and other criminals find ways to get into area homes. Police chief John Simmons sent out the following recommendations for keeping safe:
  1. Never invite a stranger into your home. Many sales-related conversations can take place on the front porch or, even better, through a locked screen door.
  2. An offer too good to be true often is. Someone selling services such as driveway repairs along with a story they just finished another job down the street and have leftover supplies at a rock-bottom price is pulling a fast one. Their services are substandard and you’ll have no way to contact them once they leave with your money. If you need to make such repairs please call a reputable company and obtain written estimates.
  3. Be sure to keep all exterior doors closed and locked at all times.
  4. Secure valuables, including jewelry, firearms, small electronics, cash, credit cards, etc.
  5. If you hear or see something odd please call the Fairway police department immediately.