Brown recluse spider possible culprit in Prairie Village woman’s death

A brown recluse spider. The telltale upside down violin-shaped marking starts on the back and covers the head.

KMBC is reporting that a spider bite may have led to the death of 52 year old Karen Miller of Prairie Village. Miller’s husband found a brown recluse in the couple’s kitchen sink a few days after her death, and doctors found a signature bite mark on her ankle. The spiders, distinguishable by the dark brown or black violin-shaped marking on their backs, are common in the area. As their name suggests, the brown recluse tends to stay hidden, so bites — which are very rare —  usually occur when people unknowingly disturb them. Typically, though, the brown recluse is nonaggressive. Deaths from the bites are extremely uncommon.

KMBC: Spider may have caused PV woman’s death