Public safety, pools/parks top Fairway list of priorities

The city of Fairway’s governing body has released a set of its top policy priorities for the coming years based on the outcomes of a strategic planning session the city council and city staff held last week.

City Administrator Kate Gunja said in an email that after the council had crafted its draft vision statement for Fairway, the governing body came up with 27 individual goals designed to help the city reach that vision. Council members and staff ultimately prioritized the following:

  • Maintain or improve public safety service
  • Update and fund the pool/park master plan
  • Maintain and fund the public works maintenance plan
  • Retain quality staff
  • Develop a reserve fund policy
  • Develop a community engagement plan

City staff will be using the vision statement and goals that came out of the planning session to produce a full strategic plan for the city by late August. That plan will be posted on the city’s Web site, and residents will be encouraged to offer their own review and comments.