Fairway city council’s vision: Keep what we’ve got

We like what we’ve got. And we want to keep it this way.

That seemed to be the overriding sentiment coming out of the City of Fairway strategic planning session on Tuesday morning, where council members and city staff worked to craft a draft vision statement for where they hoped the city would be in the year 2030.

Prompted by moderator Molly Saunders of Shockey Consulting about the characteristics that they felt were most important to Fairway’s identity, the council members cited Fairway’s proximity to the metro area’s center as well as its safety, clean public infrastructure, and trees (of course).

“I think we know what we have here, and we want to maintain that, as opposed to finding something new,” said council member Gail Gregory, Ward 2. “People who live here realize that it is a special community.”

Mayor Jerry Wiley said the strategic planning exercise, which was scheduled six months ago, was intended to help the council identify shared priorities that members could address in the near future.

The final draft vision statement the group came up with is as follows: “Fairway is recognized as a highly desirable, safe residential community characterized by strong neighborhoods, well maintained infrastructure, local businesses, and its location within the full-service metropolitan area.”

Council members will be using the afternoon to develop specific goals for the city based on the vision statement.