Dental office set to open at Village Shops in September

Dr. Jennifer McAroy recently signed a lease with the Village Merchants Association, and will be opening up a dental office in a space on Tomahawk Rd. late this summer.

McAroy received her dental degree in 2004, and did a residency from 2004-05 at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma where she worked with sedation and special needs patients. She said she wanted to open up an office in the area because she’s “always loved the atmosphere in the Village. It’s friendly and convenient.”

She hopes to have “The Village Dentist” open for business by mid-September.

McAroy says she’ll be offering variable office hours, with some 7 a.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. appointment times to accommodate people with standard work schedules. She says she’s “accepting nice patients! Those who want to be heard, and have the best time they can at the dental office.”