Special pickup for flood items tomorrow (plus a backup plan in case you missed the deadline)

Prairie Village residents who called to have a special pickup scheduled for flood-damaged items should have everything out to the curb by 5 p.m. tonight, according to the city’s Web site. Deffenbaugh will send crews to collect the items at houses north of 75th Street on Tuesday, and at houses south of 75th Street on Wednesday. City officials report that they received 390 calls from residents for the special pickup before the deadline…and about 45 calls after.

If you missed the Friday deadline to get in on the special pickup, you can dispose of your flood damaged items in two ways, says Deffenbaugh:

1.) You can bring water damaged waste to the Deffenbaugh Customer Convenience Center located at the Johnson County Landfill, 435 & Holliday Drive, Shawnee, KS 66217. Customers may arrive from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Fees are assessed based on the size of the vehicle brought to the landfill, as well as the type of waste.

  • Pickups, full sized vans and trailers: $58
  • Autos, station wagons, minivans: $28
  • Single item disposal: $22
  • Appliances: $38 each
  • Appliances with refrigerant: $55 each

You can call 913-631-3300 with questions about the fee structure or prohibited items.

2.) If you don’t want to transport the items to the landfill yourself, you can call Deffenbaugh Industries at 913-631-3300 to schedule a residential pickup, but a fee will apply.